About us

The Little Fish Boutique was created by Vala Arnadottir who has lived and worked in the fly fishing industry since birth as the family created Lax-a in 1987, which is one of the oldest and biggest sporting outfitters in Iceland. 

vala arnadottirVala was born in Iceland, educated as a lawyer and worked at the family outfitter agency (Lax-a, started by Arni Baldursson & Vala Baldursdottir) for a long time organising fishing trips in Iceland, Russia, Norway, Greenland and more places. The reason the Little Fish Boutique was started was from a small hobby of wanting anglers visiting Iceland or other places having the best possible selection of equipment for their trip to make it as successful as possible. While anglers book their dream holiday, it is important to look into the smaller details as well such as flies suited for the water where they are fishing, as with the right equipment, everything is possible. 

While this fishing shop was created as a hobby to make sure anglers can get the best out of their trip, it is also to share the most used and favourable equipment, with few things in store, but only of the quality of which often not found in other places. This store was not created to be big, but tailor made and small. 

While growing up in the industry for nearly 30 years and being honoured to meet so many people along the way, you learn many things - and knowledge is worth sharing and extending.  

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